“Not since True History of the Kelly Gang has he seemed so on-song.”

—Andrew Dickson, Financial Times

“His best novel in years, maybe decades.”—Alex Preston, The Guardian (UK)

A Long Way from Home reminds us that great novels are not ideological—neither exploitative nor excessively well-meaning—but tough-minded, complex admissions of failure, guilt and confusion.”—Geordie Williamson, The Australian

 “An ebullient comic caper. . . . Intensely engaging in more ways than one, [a] high-octane novel.” —Peter Kemp, The Sunday Times (UK)

 “A Long Way from Home is a novel full of riches. The road race propels the plot along, but it’s really a book about cultural identity, about family, about the ability to empathise with others. As such, it’s hugely relevant for our times.”—Arminta Wallace, Irish Times.

 “Peter Carey’s new novel is a pretty remarkable beast. . . . strange, tender, always somehow comical . . . a wild, strange, magical ride of a book.” —Sam Leith, The Telegraph (UK)

 “Peter Carey deserves the Nobel Prize in literature for lifting the heart.” The Sunday Telegraph (UK)

“He’s long been concerned with illegitimacy in the form of (white) confidence tricksters and outlaws . . . but here it’s culturally appropriated falsehoods that are called into question, and ‘horrendous’ deeds brought to light.” —Lucy Scholes, The Independent (UK) 

 “.A moving meditation on multiple forms of paternal failure and the culture of racism that have shaped modern Australia. To give away more would risk spoiling the genuine pleasures —Patrick Flanery, The Spectator (UK)

 “on-the-road adventure, revisionist history and moral fable . . . a rich narrative stew.” —Robert Douglas Fairhurst, The Times (UK)

 “An unusual, funny and touching novel.” — Hal Jensen, Times Literary Supplement 

 “I couldn’t have imagined that a car race could be so enthralling.” The Guardian

“A major work of fiction by the writer who will probably be regarded, in a hundred years, as the leading Australian novelist from the early part of the twenty-first century. . . . A highly enjoyable reading experience.”—Paul Giles, Australian Book Review

“This picaresque comedy goes thematically deeper as it heads into the Outback. The antic tone of this 14th novel by Australian-born Carey belies its serious ambition. The comic spirit slyly suggests Shakespeare, an inquiry into identity and the farcical human existence. . . . Carey’s novel raises issues of culture and race that carry a thoroughly contemporary charge.”—Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“One of Australia’s greatest authors . . . Carey employs both a multi-voice narrative and a continent-spanning car race to emulate the disparate voices and fits and starts that comprise Australia’s history. Highly recommended.” —Library Journal (starred review)

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